• Home Remedies
    Home remedies are safe, cheap and highly effective. Its ingredients are easily available from the kitchen shelf. In certain cases they have worked miraculously where the conventional treatment has failed.

    Acidity, stomach upset, Nausea & heartburns
    • Drink a glass of lukewarm water to which a piece of Jaggery (gur) has been added to cure heartburns.
    • To cure acidity drink a glass of juice of bottle gourd or Cabbage or white pumpkin (Paitha). Their alkaline    property with high fibre content reduces acidity in the stomach.
    • For acidity in stomach eat an overripe banana & avoid milk.
    • Eat burnt toast for an upset stomach.
    • For Nausea (Morning sickness) Chew a piece of Ginger.

    Asthma, Bronchitic
    • Stop immediately all milk products and milk.
    • Take bio-chemic combination no 2 of tissue remedies, in addition to the regular allopathic medicine you are using. After some relief slowly withdraw the allopathic medicines and continue the above.
    • Avoid groundnut oil in cooking. Don’t take any dry fruit at all.

    • High fibre diets, one that includes sprouts, pulp of fruits like orange & sweet lime (Mosammi), and raw salads are very essential for lowering of cholesterol  and sugar levels
    • Chewing a clove of garlic first thing in the morning helps control cholesterol levels.

    Colds, Cough & Nasal Congestion
    • Keep fast and drink hot water.
    •  Keep your stomach clear and avoid constipation.
    • Gargle with hot water mixed with salt & turmeric.
    • Take bio-chemic combination no 6 of tissue remedies.
    • Take black tea with a spoon of honey, Ginger and half lemon.
    • One Amla (Indian gooseberry) or its juice builds strong immunity against infection.
    • Honey mixed with holy basil is very effective against  cough and colds. Tulsi has phytochemicals which are antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial and immunity enhancing properties.
    • Add a teaspoon of turmeric to a glass of milk and boil it for a few minutes and drink it daily. Its antioxidant & anti-infective properties will help build up immunity against cold.
    • For Nasal congestion flush your nose with saline hot water.  Steam inhalation is also helpful. Adding Eucalyptus oil to the water is also helpful


    • The powder of seeds of Fenugreek (Methi) taken two to three times a day helps control the sugar in blood and urine.
    • The diabetes can also be controlled when you drink water kept overnight with leaves of Guava tree and Vinka Rosia (Sadabahar) kept overnight in it.
    • Boil the 5 leaves each of Tulsi (Basil), Neem, Jamun, Bel, with 4 seeds of pepper in a glass of water and drink two times a day. (Persons with high blood pressure should avoid it)
    • Morning and evening walk for at least 45 minutes is most essential to control this disease .
    • Take Natrum Sulpuricum and Natrum Phosphoricum in 12X potencies of biochemic tissue remedies. They can cure this disease totally within 90 days.
    • High fibre diets, one that includes sprouts, pulp of fruits like orange & sweet lime (Mosammi), and raw salads are very essential for lowering of blood sugar levels cholesterol .

    Eczema, Itching, rashes on skin

    • Avoid chilly and too much salt.  Do not take sweets also.
    •  Take Bio-chemic combination number -20
    • Apply any skin ointment or dettol at the affected part.

    • Take a spoonful of powder of Almonds, Misri (Sugar Crystals), White pepper, and Aneeseed along with Triphla powder daily. There are instances of reducing the number of their spectacle using this remedy. Note- during this treatment you have to totally avoid television and computers)
    • Very effective eye drops – In rose-water (gulabjal) dissolve a very small piece of fitkari (alum) and a half clove of raw garlic. Use this as an eye drop and you will experience an improvement within few days.
    Face & beauty
    • Apply a mixture of Lemon juice, Glycerin and Rose water on your face in the night daily.
    • Take bath by mixing  lemon juice in a tub of water. It will keep you active thruout the day.
    • Walking in the fresh air, Taking triphla powder with hot water helps in beauty.

    Grey Hair

    • Start taking Triphla Powder after soaking it overnight in water and drinking it after boiling it.
    • Massage your hairs with coconut oil and Lemon everyday for at least 15 minutes. There are instances of people having black hairs even up to the age of 60-70 years by using this method.

    High Blood Pressure & Heart

    • Keeping fast for only first half of the day can improve the overall heart condition and blood pressure. Don’t take breakfast.
    • To reduce your blood pressure, daily take a Soda (plain aerated water) two to three times a day.
    • It is possible to even reverse the heart problems by not using oil or ghee at all, by taking only boiled vegetables, doing yogic exercises, and by living a tension free life.
    • Daily intake of Aspirin, even one fourth of a tablet, with the advice of doctor avoids chances of heart attack.
    • Daily intake of Lemon and Anwala, and Ghia soup (Bottle gourd) keeps the heart strong and and reduces your blood pressure.
    • Remember all spices and dry fruits produce cardiovascular diseases.
    • Daily intake of sprouted Grams and Moong makes the heart muscles strong.
    • Pranayam, or deep breathing exercises three times a day, at least for 15 minutes each, immediately reduces your blood pressure.
    • It is very essential to take a minimum of 8 hours sound sleep every day.
    Loose Motion/ Dysentery

    • Make a paste of dry pomegranate seeds (Anardana) and Raisin (Kishmis) with a little of salt in it , It is a most effective remedy tried successfully by many.
    • In certain cases when nothing works, the most useful and effective remedy which has been tried by many is the eating of Bel fruit. It works wonders with such tye of problems.
    Obesity (fatness)

    • Acupressure points – 1) The middle of your upper lip, below the nose. 2) One inch below and one inch up the naval point on your stomach. Press these points 3 to 4 times a day for 5 minutes each. It controls your hunger and helps in the overall control of obesity.
    • For three months, eat your food by chewing a single morsel at least 50 times, so that it turns into almost a liquid before gulping it down. It has very effectively reduced the obesity of many people.
    • Don’t take your meals when you are under tension.
    • Don’t eat unless you are hungry, stop going by the age old practice of taking breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eat only when you are hungry.
    • Stop taking chapati / bread prepared with wheat only. Any preparation you take should be a mixture of whole grams flour and Soyabeans.
    • Take half lemon in hot water daily empty stomach in the morning.
    Oral care / Hygiene

    • For bleeding Gums Chew raw vegetables & fruits like carrots or peach. It gives exercise to teeth and expels the food particles stuck in them.
    • Massage the gums with salt and pinch of baking soda.
    • Regular brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing them keeps them in good shape.
    • A warm water gargle with salt solution helps to prevent growth of germs and  cure throat infection.
    Skin Care, Acne & Sun burns
    • To keep your face skin clean, first wash with lukewarm water to open the pores and then wash with cold water to close them.
    •  Applying curd  & milk are also helpful. The lactic acid present in the milk, has anti-aging  properties  and  aids in shedding of dead skin cells and help hydrate the skin for a rejuvenated look.
    • A cold milk compress also help cool the skin immediately after the Sun burn.
    • A paste of gram flour (Besan) with oats is a natural cleansing agent. Wash this paste after 15 minutes of application.
    • A sandalwood paste with    multani mitti  (Fuller earth) is better suited for oily skin cleaning.
    • Cucumber juice is very good for curing dark circles around your eyes.
    Smelly feet

    • Soak used tea bags in hot boiling water, cool it and then soak your feet in it. Do it for 7-10 days.
    Sprains, pains and Aches
    • For minor sprains apply ice –packs initially within first 48 hours. After that use hot water fomentation.
    • For back pains apply a paste of garlic fried in pure ghee on the effected area. The anti-inflammatory  property  stimulates blood circulation and helps reduce pain.

    Strength in body

    • Take a pinch of turmeric powder daily in hot water in the evening to protect you from diseases.
    • Soak two raisin (Kismis) overnight in a glass of water with a lemon juice in it. Drink it in the morning and eat the raisin. It is a very powerful tonic.
    • Take Ginger powder with shilajeet for strengthening your body
    • Ashwagandha powder with Anwala juice generates a great power in body within 15 days.
    • Use a good tooth paste at least Two times daily. Cleaning of teeth at night is very  important.
    • Taking of moussami juice (Sweet lime) strengthen your teeth. Bleeding is also cured by drinking this juice daily.
    • The best powder for teeth is salt and turmeric mixed with a little of mustard oil. Apply on your gums and keep for at least 10 minutes.


    1.  Get up early in the morning before sunrise and worship the GOD with complete concentration.

    2. Drink a lot of water in the morning.

    3. If water has been kept in a copper utensil overnight it is much better.

    4. Clear your bowl & avoid constipation.

    5. Clean both your teeth and tongue properly. Use of salt and turmeric with mustard oil is beneficial for teeth.

    6. Go for morning walk. Take deep breaths and do pranayam.

    7. Take bath with cold water and also take sunlight daily for vitamin- D.

    8. Massage your whole body with oil, if possible do it daily, otherwise do it weekly.

    9. Avoid Milk and cereal in the breakfast and take fruit & fruit juices instead. Take sprouts, vegetables soup etc.

    10. Have a light meals in lunch time.

    11. While taking any meals, chew it thoroughly, do not take water during the meals. Drink water after one hour.

    12.  Eating food requires same amount of concentration as for other tasks. So do not see television, or read newspaper or talk unnecessarily etc.  Enjoy your meals fully.

    13. Keep fast once a week and take only lemon and honey during the fast.

    14. Dinner should be taken at least 2 hours before sleeping and sit down in Vajra-asan pose at least for 5-10 minutes after every meal.

    15.  People of age more than 50 years should take cereals only once in a day  They should remain on fruits and milk other times. This will bring an immediate improvement in their health.

    16. Massaging your feet with mustard oil, helps in a sound sleep.

  • Levels of Enlightenment

    As per Acharya Vinod there are four levels of Devotion to attain overall Eternal Enlightenment

    1. ‘Archana’ (Beginner Level)
    2. ‘Stuti’ (Intermediate Level)
    3. ‘Japa’ (Upper Intermediate Level)
    4. ‘Dhyan’ (Expert Level)

    True Devotion to the Almighty has four distinct parts having different significance & result oriented ness. Each of this part is unique in its own and should be pursued under the strict supervision and guidance of the knowledgeable person to avoid delays & false results. Acharya Vinod welcome all individual seriously interested in initiating these highly spiritual practices to take guidance and knowledge about other rules & regulation(s) attached with this process and that is FREE of Cost through Email (Free Consultation Form) from anywhere in the world. Acharya Vinod feels if somehow few people succeed in attaining the ultimate spiritual goal through his guidance and knowledge then his life’s mission will be fulfilled, monetary aspect shouldn’t be hindrance between the Disciple and Almighty.

    ‘Archana’ – The ‘Archana’ is a process of Devotion that is performed with the help of Idol, in the other words this process is termed as “Idol Worship”. The Idol of God or Goddesses is very essential in this level of Devotion, the devotee has to keep the Idol in his/her house or workplace(the place should be clean and away from any sort of alcohol, leather or any other related infavorable material) so that both the Idol and Devotee can share same environment to the maximum. There are seven types of Idols that can be symbolize in this part i.e. Idols made of Stone, Wood, Metal, Earth, Sandal, Portrait or Picturized and made of Jewels / Gems. Further these idols are categorize into three broad categories according to the different themes ‘Satvik Idols’ in which the God or Goddess are depicted in the form of performing meditation & are in cheerful state. ‘Raajsi Idols’ in this form the God or Goddesses are depicted with all type of materialistic ornaments with their weapons and respective medium of commute.  The last one is ‘Taamsi Idols’ in which they are depicted with a pose where they are indulge in war or killing with their weapons and medium of commute. Further there are several factors that count before selection of appropriate Idol hence one can consult Acharya Vinod through ‘Free Consultation Form’ on the website.

    ‘Stuti’ (Prayer) – The next level of Devotion is ‘Stuti’ should be accompanied with earlier level ‘Archana’. It’s the law of ‘Stuti’ that there should be verbal pronunciation of every word of the prayer text. In ‘Stuti’ the recital Text can be classified into four broad categories (a) Vedic (b) Tantrik  (c) Poranik  & (d) The Ancient Text mentioned in Regional Languages (** a good example of this is ‘Shabar Mantras’ ….highly effective mode of Mantras). Acharya Vinod states that this is a very crucial phase of devotion that requires high level of concentration & patience.

    Japa – As per Acharya Vinod ‘Japa’ is directly related to repetitive recital of highly spiritual ‘Mantras’. The smallest definition of Mantra could be, any meaningful text starting with the word “Aum” & ending with the word “Namah”, in between there are names of God and Goddesses, there are lot of other important factors that contribute in the essence of word “Mantra” as these factors are too extensive and complicated that even a book with more than thousand pages is not sufficient to define the concept of ‘Mantra’ in proper sense. The Mantra should be delegated or granted by the Guru or the Teacher and it should be performed by repetitive recital of the same while sitting on the kind of ‘Asana’ (seat) i.e. wool blanket or cotton cloth. Acharya Vinod further explains that ‘Japa’ can be done with or without the help of Rosary (Mala), it is advisable to use rosary of Rudraksha or Tulsi in the starting and then afterwards the Devotee can avoid the rosary as per his/her ease with the count. As this level (Japa) is very vast & deep rooted hence it is advisable to consult Acharya Vinod for minutest technicalities before initiating it (through Free Consultation Form given in the website)

    Dhayan – This is the ultimate level of devotion in which one can achieve the goal of his life to extend of ‘Moksha’ itself. Acharya Vinod defines this as in three separate phases. In phase one the devotee should concentrate his/her mind waves to a single point in their mind, this point could be any imaginary picture or photo/idol of God or Goddesses. It is very difficult phase, normally in the beginning individual(s) can’t cross the time limit of 30 seconds to a minute, but gradually this limit enhances to hours and thereon. In second phase, the individual should try to deviate his/her mind from a picture or point to the blank, in other words the practitioner should try to control its mind to be without any single thought for a while or specific time period and in the third phase the practitioner should try to concentrate on his / her soul or innerself this phase is better known as ‘Adhayatam’. Further Acharya Vinod signifies the transition between these phases is very crucial and should be done very carefully with proper guidance. The person willing to perform this level can consult Acharya Vinod through Free Consultation Form in the websites www.livelongto100years.com,  www.omgan.com and www.kalikraft.com

  • Yantra

    The word ‘Yantra’ literally means a machine. Acharya Vinod explains the way machines can do the work with full precision & minimum time unlike it is done through human manual efforts, the biggest job work in the world are successfully done by the machines similarly these ‘Yantra (s)’ are very helpful in getting the desired results of the ritual or worship with highest decree of accuracy and minimum time frame. Yantra ensure that the results should be achieved with minimum possible efforts. To run every machine there is a requirement of energy similarly for Yantra in order to get desired results from it one has to source the energy in the form of Sadhana (worship). The concept of ‘Yantra’ is very old and there for thousands of years, Yantra has there significance in highly spiritual Vedas, Shastras and many other ancient text/literature. In the modern era it is popular that these Yantras are part of the black science, which is incorrect they were and still are the integral part of the white or Vedic science.

    In the process of Sadhana the Mantra generates enormous positive energies to the individual; with the help of Yantra one can stabilize those energies to have prolonging positive effect. In the ancient literature Yantra has been symbolized as the God itself, hence it becomes very crucial that this Yantra has to be prepared (energized) in a proper manner and all the related rituals. These Yantras have different type(s) and shapes, which have special hidden significance. The centre point of the Yantra is considered to be most important area. The Yantra are made on metal like copper, silver and gold as well as manually on ‘Bhojpatra’ by the ‘Ashtgandh’ ink through a pen made of pomegranate wood.  It is further clarified that each type has different result duration like –

    1. Yantra made from gold and energized, generates result upto 100 years
    2. Yantra made from silver and energized, generates result upto 25 years
    3. Yantra made from copper and energized, generates result upto 10 years
    4. Yantra made from ‘bhojpatra’ and energized, generates result upto 6 years